OSA congratulations the following recent award recipients:

Brenda Birrueta
2017 OSA Memorial Scholarship
Brenda is from Lebanon, Oregon, and the daughter of Celestino and Carmen Birrueta who are both long time employees of Barenbrug USA. Brenda is the first of her family to attend college and her family is proud of her achievement.

Brenda just finished her sophomore year of studies at Oregon State University, majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Spanish. She spent her freshmen year at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona.

While attending school, Brenda also holds down a job. Her current employer states that she walks in the door with a smile on her face and is a pure joy to have in their office. Brenda never complains about her heavy work load, she always remains positive and stays on task. In school, her advisor writes that Brenda demonstrates an ability to work within a team, also exhibits leadership skills, and is a valuable contributor to the community around her.

Brenda’s current career plans are in Human Resources. She is hoping to find an internship this summer working for a local company in a similar aspect of Business Management.

Nicole Cavill
2017 OSA Memorial Scholarship
Nicole just finished her four years at Central Linn High School in Halsey, Oregon. Nicole plans to become a physical therapist, and will be attending the University of Montana to study exercise science and sports medicine this fall.

While at Central Linn, she was very active with FFA, holding offices in her school’s chapter. Her advisors write that she displays a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition, in addition to her excellent scholastic accomplishments. She is a dependable team player and exhibits enthusiasm, reliability, and is most trustworthy. She also has a love of horses and is a part of the equestrian team, taking on the responsibility of being Team Captain this past year. She leads by example. She has a passion for helping others and likes to keep busy.

Nicole is the daughter of John and Laura Cavill. Laura is employed by DLF Pickseed USA.

Mitchell (Mitch) Evers
2017 OSA Memorial Scholarship and
2017 Oregon Seed Cleaning Scholarship
Mitchell (Mitch) Evers, a senior at Oregon State University (OSU) and local Corvallis resident, received both the Oregon Seed Association/Oregon State University (OSA/OSU) and Oregon Seed Cleaning scholarship awards.

Mitch grew up on a dairy farm and has been around agriculture his entire life. His goal is to become an agronomist in forage production, either domestically or internationally. Mitch has been involved in the OSU Dairy Club and as a technician in the USDA Horticultural Crops research unit. He enjoys participating with Ag Fest and Farm Bureau, and the opportunities he has had to speak with legislators about the agriculture industry.

Tanner Holland
2017 OSA/OSU Scholarship
Tanner is a senior Ag Sciences major. Upon graduating, he hopes to work in the grass seed industry as an agronomist or get involved in seed or agricultural sales in the Willamette Valley. Tanner completed an OSA internship and worked for several different member companies during the summer of 2015. This experience really solidified his desire to be involved in the Oregon seed industry. Tanner has an innate ability to build strong and positive relationships with the people he is around.

Samantha Roof
2017 OSA/OSU Scholarship
Samantha Roof, a senior at Oregon State University (OSU) and local Hillsboro resident, became interested in the industry practice of spraying pesticides while protecting the environment and the animals living in it after interning as a freshman at the OSU Ag Research and Extension Center in Hermiston. Her goal became to mitigate and find a balance that can produce a high yield in production for the growers without having a negative impact to the environment. Samantha is majoring in Bioresource Research with an option in Sustainable Ecosystems.

Samantha Brentano
2017 OSA/OSU Scholarship
Samantha is a senior at Oregon State University majoring in soil sciences,
Samantha would like to better agriculture through research and development, possibly as a research agronomist. Her goal is to pursue a Master’s degree in order to have more available resources and freedom to develop or enhance current or future tools and technology being used in agriculture. Her motivation is to help farmers maximize their inputs and minimize ecological impact.

Nick Carleson
2017 OSA/OSU Scholarship
Nick is in the BioResource Research program at the Honors College at Oregon State University (OSU). His thesis focus is on plant-parasitic microbiomes. He has worked on the seed gall nematode, a pest seen in orchard grass and bent grass. In his free time, he loves to cycle and is the OSU cycling club race director.

Brenda Villanueva
2017 OSA/OSU Scholarship
Brenda is majoring in Bio Resource Research with the objective of working in the seed industry with a focus on pathogens. Her goal is to find ways to control pathogens that are less expensive and have a greater efficacy. Brenda was also a presenter at the undergraduate summer research symposium at OSU where she received high marks. Brenda is a Sophmore at Oregon State University.

Angel Torres
2017 OSA/OSU Scholarship
Angel has been around farming in Oregon his entire life. He is majoring in Crop and Soil Science and plans to attend graduate school and become a crop consultant working in the seed industry. Angel is involved in many extracurricular activities at OSU. He has made it a goal to give back and help others with his similar background and wants to make an impact in the Oregon seed industry.

Lucas Bobadilla
2017  William Kent Wiley Jr. Memorial Fellowship 
Lucas grew up in Brazil around his grandfather’s farm, which birthed his love of agriculture and his desire to improve practices. He is currently a first year graduate student studying the frequency and distribution of Glyphosate resistant populations of annual ryegrass. In 2015, he spent a year as a research assistant in the weed science lab at U.C. Davis, and previously worked as an intern studying the control of the weed Elesine indica in sugar cane in Brazil. Lucas is a twice-published co-author of research papers. Lucas has a strong desire to impact agriculture and is working on issues that directly affect the seed industry.

Tara Bergland
2017  William Kent Wiley Jr. Memorial Fellowship
Tara Bergland is a first year graduate student researching the efficacy of plant growth regulator mixtures on seed yield and yield components in tall fescue. She has volunteered in the OSU Dairy Barn as well as doing trail maintenance for Corvallis parks. In 2013, while traveling in Tanzania, she was able to see different sides of agriculture, including coffee and sugar cane farms. That experience helped her realize that she cares about agriculture and working to improve processes which will in turn impact people throughout the world.

Jessie Stone
2016 OSA Memorial Scholarship
Jessie is pursuing dual degrees at Arizona State University. She is majoring in Journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at ASU’s downtown campus. In addition, she also attends the WP Carey School of Business. She plans to graduate with a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication and a B.S. in Business Marketing.
Jessie is the daughter of Kyle and Cindy Stone.

Morgan Aerni
2016 OSA Memorial Scholarship
Morgan, a 2013 West Albany graduate, now attends Oregon State University and plans to complete her BSc in Animal Sciences. She plans to become a veterinarian with hopes that she will one day have her own practice. Morgan is the daughter of Steve and Nancy Aerni.

Karina Lopez-Ruiz
2016 OSA Memorial Scholarship
Karina will be pursuing a career as a pediatrician at Oregon State University in the fall of 2016. She plans to complete her pre-med studies at OSU before applying to medical schools. She also hopes to pursue her longtime dream of being a Peace Corp volunteer. “Ensuring children a healthy life from the beginning strongly impacts both their future lives and our entire society,” said Karina. She is the daughter of Jorge Ruiz Vasques and Eloisa Lopez De Ruiz

Elizabeth Hayes
2016 OSA/OSU Scholarship
2016 ASTA Scholarship
Elizabeth, a post-baccalaureate student at Oregon State University received a OSA/OSU scholarship and a ASTA scholarship. Elizabeth is currently employed by Sure Crop Farm Service in Junction City as a crop scout and agronomist in training. Her major interests are in crop advising and consulting with local growers in the south valley. She plans to pursue a career as a certified crop adviser. Elizabeth works part-time for the Crop Science department at OSU with the forage research project focusing on the importance and diversity of forage production in Oregon. She is currently working on a project for the Oregon Clover Commission to develop marketing materials for clover seed.

Tanner Holland
2015 & 2016 OSA/OSU Scholarship

Tanner is a junior at Oregon State University, majoring in Ag Science with a career goal of working in the seed industry. Tanner spent this past summer in the OSA internship program getting exposed to different aspects of the seed industry such as warehousing, cleaning, plant breeding research and harvesting.

Simon Fraher
2013, 2015 & 2016 OSA/OSU Scholarship
Simon is a senior in the Honors College at Oregon State University. Simon is a BioResource Research major, with an emphasis in sustainable ecology. His career goal is to ease the burden of agriculture on the world. He plans to travel next year around the nation networking with farmers, professors and industry professionals to refine his agricultural interest before starting the Master’s Program at OSU. He enjoys lab work and critical thinking.

Levi Graffenberger
2015 & 2016 OSA/OSU Scholarship

Levi is a senior at Oregon State University. Levi’s goal is to become an active business partner in the ownership of the family business, Chambers Farm (est. 1907), and to live a good life and feed people. “If you can’t feed 100 people, just feed one” is his motto. He plans to make some major changes at his family’s farm that would lead to a more environmentally conscious operation. His role model is his hard working grandfather. In addition to working on his family farm, Levi also travels to countries less fortunate to help with construction of buildings, introduce modern agricultural techniques to farming communities, and forward osmosis water filtration systems.

Samantha Roof
2016 OSA/OSU Scholarship
Samantha is a junior at Oregon State University After an internship as a freshman in Hermiston at the OSU Ag Research and Extension Center, Samantha became interested in the industry practice of spraying pesticides and protecting the environment and the animals living in it. Her goal became to mitigate and find a balance that can produce a high yield in production for the growers without having a negative impact to the environment. Samantha is majoring in Bioresource Research with an option in Sustainable Ecosystems.

Cesar Juarez
2016 OSA/OSU Scholarship
Cesar, a senior at Oregon State University, has always had an interest in agriculture. His advisor at OSU says “he has been fully successful balancing work, community service and difficult course work.” He most recently has received the 2015 Outstanding Development and Outreach Role Model Award for an abstract he presented at a national conference in Washington D.C. Cesar sees his future within the field of Botany, Plant Pathology and Bioenergy. He is interested in an internship this summer.

Pete Berry
2016 William Kent Wiley Jr. Memorial Fellowship
Pete is pursuing his doctorate at Oregon State University. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Plant Science at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, he came to Oregon State University to pursue his doctorate in Crop Sciences. He is currently working on his thesis on brassica residue under varied cultural practices. After receiving his doctorate, Pete hopes to keep doing research in the field of Crop Science with a focus on International Agriculture Development.

Blake Kerbs
2016 William Kent Wiley Jr. Memorial Fellowship
After graduating from the University of Idaho and spending his summer working for the Bureau of Land Management, Blake enrolled at OSU to study weed science while pursuing his Masters Degree in Crop Sciences. Blake is currently working on research in dry land winter wheat crop lands and trying to find controls for scouring rush. He hopes to find controls through changes in field preparation and or chemical products to help protect crops from invasive weeds.

Chase Cochran
2014 OSA Memorial Scholarship
2015 ASTA Scholarship

Chase, a previous OSA Memorial Scholarship recipient in 2012, recently transferred from Colorado University to Oregon State University. He is a sophomore in the Department of Crop and Soil Science and is enrolled in OSU’s Agronomy Option. According to his professors, Chase is an industrious and capable student, ranking among the very best students in his department. Outside of school, he is a volunteer basketball coach at Crescent Valley High School and a member of the Oregon State Bass Club. After college, he hopes to get a job as a field representative for a production company.

Jaimee Brentano
2013 & 2015 OSA/OSU Scholarship
Jaimee is a senior who has made the Dean’s list for several years and is majoring in Agriculture Sciences with a minor in Leadership with the intent of earning a Masters in Ag Education to become a high school agriculture teacher and FFA advisor. She grew up on a family farm that grows a variety of crops, including garlic seed, grass seed, hay, clover, wheat, beans, squash, hazelnuts, and nursery stock. She continues to be involved in bookkeeping, moving equipment, training employees, servicing, cleaning and repairing machinery. An excerpt from a professor’s note to the scholarship committee says “She has impressed me with her tremendous passion for agriculture, academic prowess, and focus on leadership. Jaimee is consistently one of the most well prepared advisees I see.”

Jacob Stewart
2015 OSA Memorial Scholarship
Jacob is a very frugal student working on his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at Oregon State University. After graduating, he desires to go into construction engineering, working primarily on city planning, roadway design, or transportation systems. While in school, he hopes to acquire internships that will develop his critical thinking skills and help him apply what he is learning in the classroom. He is also dedicated to serving others in his community – to be a part of something larger than himself. He hopes to remain in Oregon once he has his degree.

Ashley Williamson
2015 OSA Memorial Scholarship
Ashley’s goal is to become a physical therapist. She became interested in PT after tearing her own ACL and going through therapy herself. A self-motivator, she is currently ranked third in her graduating class, and is also involved in leadership and sports. Ashley is quite outgoing and has a passion for anything she commits herself to, from competitiveness in school sports, to serving her school, community and others.

Andrew Altishin
2015 William Kent Wiley Jr. Memorial Fellowship
Andrew is currently an Instructor/Seed Certification Specialist with the OSU seed certification service. He would like to eventually become full time service agent in Oregon once he graduates. He has been an assistant superintendent in the golf industry and prior to that, experience on a Valley farm producing mostly grass seed, some work with mint, wheat, field beans and corn.

Mitch Evers
2013 & 2014 OSA/OSU Scholarship
2013 ASTA/OSA Scholarship
Mitch grew up on a dairy farm and has vast experience in it’s operations, including growing a large portion of their own feed. He also served as the Oregon FFA State Vice President in 2012-2013 travelling all over Oregon, teaching at high schools. He is a currently a Freshman and would like to enter a career that is either directly related to or supportive of agriculture. He took an AP Biology course at Banks High School that caught his interested and he enjoyed the biology/life sciences side of things for both plants and animals. He can also envision himself working as a traveling sales representative supporting agriculture on a daily basis.

Gabriel Flick
2013 & 2014 William Kent Wiley Jr. Memorial Fellowship
A second year graduate student, Gabe has demonstrated a true understanding of production issues, sustainable ecology, the need for profitability, and how to discuss options with farmers. He has operated his own farm and custom hay business for the past 10 years. His Thesis Research with Carol Mallory-Smith, is on the Co-Existence of Canola in the Willamette Valley. Gabe would like to begin his own open pollinated vegetable and forage company where he could provide exceptional service to clients and offer growers good, profitable contracts, incorporating his love of farming by raising some of the seed himself.

Riley Merrigan
2014 OSA Memorial Scholarship

Riley is a recent high school graduate with plans to attend the University of Idaho in the fall. He has an interest in chemistry and physics and is hoping to pursue a degree in chemical engineering. Throughout high school, Riley was involved in 4-H, the National Honor Society and was a two-year FFA Chapter President. He has several ideas for his future career path. The first is to work in a material science career to develop new materials to use in agriculture applications. The second is to pursue a career in the energy sector and develop new or improve old technologies.

Christy McCarthy
2013 OSA/OSU Scholarship
Christy is a senior at Oregon State University and has been on the Dean’s list every year since 2010. Her goal is to become a turf grass research scientist, developing new varieties of grasses with certain desirable characteristics. She plans to devote attention to the development of environmentally friendly turfgrasses. She states, “Reducing pesticide and fertilizer use will result in a cleaner environment for those who live and work on farms as well as the general public. Clean air, water and soils are an obligation we owe to future generations. The use of these products will also have a far reaching benefit, since Oregon’s grass seed is used throughout the world.” Christy has helped plant, maintain and give tours at McCarthy Research Farm, and most recently completed an internship with DuPont Pioneer in Hermiston, Ore., working with corn.

Ann Bernert
2013 OSA/OSU Scholarship
Ann is majoring in International BioResource Research at Oregon State University and is also a Presidential Scholar and in Honors College. She has immersed herself in many clubs and activities, which have fueled her interest in international cultures and led to some amazing opportunities. She has a lot of enthusiasm and motivation and has proven to be a leader. Ann believes there are ways to make more food with less energy reducing environmental impacts of production, and states, “With applied research, you can make a difference.”

Kylee Jensen
2013 OSA/OSU Scholarship
Kylee grew up on a cattle ranch in Eastern Oregon where she helped with the cattle—separating, branding, and herding to and from national forest land via horseback. In her younger years, she was active in 4-H, raising a hog for each of the eight years she was involved. Now, at Oregon State University, she is interested in studying abroad in New Zealand for the country’s strong agricultural community and hopes to learn about how the industry works overseas. She loves working with children, and has always been passionate in spreading the word about the agriculture industry. She is interested in pursuing a career in Agriculture Education and becoming an FFA teacher or working with the OSU Extension Service.

Evanne Domaschofsky
2013 OSA Memorial Scholarship
Evanne is the daughter of Debra Hignight and step-daughter of Kenneth Hignight of NexGen Research. Evanne is currently in the dual enrollment program between Oregon State University and Linn Benton Community College. She would like to complete her BS in Agriculture from the Crop and Soil Department, and to get her masters in the future. After completing her degree, she would like to get a position with a turf grass research company, eventually as a plant breeder. She states, “I want to make a difference with the production and in-depth research of turf grass.”

In high school, Evanne participated in soccer, basketball and track. She was also highly involved in Key Club, Chamber Youth Leadership, leadership class and yearbook. Evanne has volunteered for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Rhododendron Society of Portland, and is currently an assistant coach for a fifth grade volleyball team.